Sat. December 1st, 2018Jasmine Johnson

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I stumbled upon this new option and it made the difference in the world for me. Perhaps it will help you to.


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Mon. May 2nd, 2016Alex Kash

Hello Carlos,
I met you while playing guitar with Rod Harris's big band. I am the musical director for the Grateful Band, located in Sonora. Our drummer is on vacation and we need a percussionist for a gig we have on Sunday, May 29th here in Sonora at the Columbia Nursery. It pays $50. We rehearse at the gig at 11am, and then perform from 1pm until 3pm. You can bring a guest as well if you want. I have chord charts if needed, and there are recordings of some of the songs online. If interested please let me know and I will forward you a set list and some notes.
Also, at times we need a keyboard player and would like to hire your daughter if she is interested.
Alex Kash

Thu. May 21st, 2015Eduardo Currea


Me encantariia tomar unas clases privadas de percusion contigo.
Yo vivo en Fresno y me dicen que tu estas en Modesto.
Por favor dime si estas disponible durante el dia y que costo tendria una clase de una hora.
Mi interes son las congas, en especial el son montuno, la timba y la rumba.
Un Colombiano que le encanta la musica de Cuba.


Mon. April 6th, 2015Malcolm Barrett

Dear Carlos. I loved your session at LP and aspire to be as good as you on the Bongo. Your love of music is evident in your playing.
I am from the UK originally but currently live in the Turks and Caicos Islands. Before that I was in Abu Dhabi. Abu Dhabi is where I started to learn to play the bongo with a Cuban percussionist who played in a local Salsa club. I took lessons once a week for around a year.
I go to the beach most nights and practice to my favourite salsa tunes. However, I want to take my playing to a more proficient level.
So the point of this email is to ask, have you ever done or are you considering doing instructional dvd's or recorded lessons for students who are not able to attend your classes?
I will be in Miami in the next month or two for a few days so may be able to take a private with you when there; but I want to develop much more quickly than that.
Hoping you can help?
With thanks and admiration.

Mon. February 24th, 2014Craig Koscho

I'm with Sac State's Public Affairs office and I believe you've been contacted by Carlos McCoy or Jamie Dubberly about promoting the upcoming March 10 concert.
The Sacramento Bee is interested in getting a couple of photos of you. Do you have two or three high resolution photos. These would need to be as close to 1 mb (9X7, 300 dpi) as possible. You can just email them to me since we'll use them for in-house publicity as well.

Craig Koscho

Sun. February 23rd, 2014joaquin dominiquez

Hola, Paisano
Tenemos que hablar del un proyecto musical de Cumbia colombiana ..
Estoy promoviendo a Mina"La voz de Oro de Sonora Dinamita.
Por favor llamame 650.271.3658 cell
Ti amigo Cubano
Joaquin Dominiquez
Board of Directors of Hccac

Fri. September 20th, 2013William Carpenter

Hello Carlos,

I'm trying to return to San Francisco from Cheyenne, depending on my work situtation. I've been studying the bongos, conga, timbales a few months now with Jose Madera in Aurora, CO. Might you be willing and able to afford the time to provide one-on-one lessons for me upon my return?

Hope to see you perform sometime soon and actually meet you. I like your music.


William Carpenter

Tue. September 17th, 2013j. poet

Dear Mr. Caro:I am j. poet, local freelance writer and contributor to DRUM magazine. The magazine asked me to profile a Bay Area hand drummer associated with the Salsa de la Bahia CD and I would like to feature you. The story would be in the January 2014 issue and would be due on October 15. Best

Sat. August 31st, 2013matt hooker

I would like to take some lessons with you on bongó. Wondering where you're located and what are your rates. Thanks!

Sat. December 29th, 2012Allan Spencer

Hi Carlos.
Allan Spencer here...the band director at Tenaya middle school in merced, ca. i wanted to ask if you could do a favor for me? i'm trying to get a hold of david and don't know his contact info. could you send me back his phone # or email please? Thanks.

Thu. December 13th, 2012Genevieve Hirsch

Senor Caro, I am a new, self-taught Bongocera and love it! I wonder if you know of anyone in Austin, Texas that I can trust to properly tune my bongos? I realize this may be a bit of a trivial question for you, but it would mean a lot to me.
Thank you! And I love your sound and hope I can one day visit you in California!

Tue. August 21st, 2012faustino sanchez

coño.. al fin encuentro a un compañero mùsico de los que comparti ese viaje a Korea, espero que tù y tù familia esten bien, yo perdì el contacto con t odos los de allà: Julio, David y hasta con Ruiz; saludame a toda esa gente y dale mi email. mi facebook es : castillo tino

Fri. March 16th, 2012Philippe

Dear Mr. Carlo

Im am a student of JBM at repentigny, quebec, Canada in PEI and i am currently working on a big project,it's named Inter projet, we are started working on it on the beginnig of the scolar year and now, we have to do a research on a country and we chose CUBA!! Now, we need informations about one musical instrument of cuba, we are choosing the bongo and we need some informations of you in general and a little bit of informations of your instrument. I see you playing on youtube and was impressed so, i saying me if i have information about you, it will be very nice!!

Sorry for my bad english , that's because i speak french
Thank you and i am waiting for your reply

Tue. March 13th, 2012michael solomon

Carlos, I enjoyed meeting and hearing your great beats last Saturday. I wanted to send you some of my Cuban shots. I didn\'t take them for an album cover, but you may fine some interesting. Let me know your email address and I will send some to you. Or just check out the link below.Cheers,mts!i=1747745014&k=7SZ9Z5z

Thu. February 9th, 2012julio cesar cuellar lagos

hola señor carlos caro he visto tus videos los llevo en mi celular, soy bongosero tengo 20 años me gustaria saber si puedes enseñarme soy colombiano vivo en cali estoy buscando formas de aprender y me gustaria que fueras mi profesor por que se que tueres muy bueno y quiero ser asi actualmente toco con uan orquesta llamada dinastia latina quisiera saber si puedes mandarme tutoriales o ejercicios y tambien estas invitado a mi casa cuando vengas de jira por colombia mi celular es 3216103634 muchas gracias carlos a proposito mi padre tambien se llama carlos y es trompetista. me gustaria tambien saber si me puedes enviar un cd de tu musica

Sat. January 7th, 2012todd brownell

Adam, my son, wants to know if you have written any books?

Wed. December 21st, 2011Todd Brownell

Hi Carlos - We miss having you at our Fremont Open Plan gatherings.
I have a couple of questions... actually several.
I am looking at lessons for my son Adam. He is quite good at playing the set, but I think he could expand his knowledgs. He was taking lessons from Phil Short. Adam has a set of bongos on a stand. I am also looking for a conga set for him. I see some online used for around $150-200
If you here of a good deal, llamame! What should I be looking for?
Where do you do the group lessons in Merced? My father-in-law lives there and maybe we could make that an occasional trip. How does that work?
Hope you are ready for a good holiday. Merry Christmas
What about lessons with you around Hughson-Modesto.

Sun. October 16th, 2011freddy ochoa

Don Carlos Caro una vez mencionaste que arias un dvd de clases de bongoes y lo e buscado por todo lado y no epodido conceguirlo, estaria supremamente agradecido si me contestaras, ME ENCANTA LA FORMA COMO TOCAS, estare esperando tu respuesta muchas gracias por tu tiempo.

Fri. October 7th, 2011Mammad

Hi, I'm interested in private lessons and I live in Palo Alto. Where do you conduct your lessons and how much do they cost? I play middle eastern and persian percussion instruments and I'm interested in learning the basics of afro-cuban rhythms. What would be the best instrument for me to get to start with? Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.

Tue. July 19th, 2011pedro quintana

¿ ese es el grupo donde estas tocando ? , puro sabor cubano , me puso a tocar las claves y hacerme sentir muy bien en esta mañana . sabroso ritmo cubano.. que bueno es contar con agrupaciones que eleven la musica cubana a su mas alta expreciòn . nose como se llama el grupo pero lo felicito hermano ... enviame un cd tuyo caro , digo si es posible . vi fotos de tu familia y de tu mama, que bien esta ella , dios los bendiga , bellos tus hijos, un abrazo caro , mi hermano .

Tue. June 14th, 2011jose parafita

hola caro no se si te acuerdas de mi yo soy Jose tu vecino en cuba amigo de tu hermano Damian me alegro mucho encontrar esta pagina cuentame de tu hermano Damian desde que me fui de cuba en el 94 nunca supe mas de el, de mi te cuento que he hecho cosas en la musica, tengo un ninito de un ano y 3 meses, bueno espero veas este mensaje. Saludos JOSE

Tue. June 14th, 2011jose parafita

hola caro no se si te acuerdas de mi yo soy jose tu vecino en cuba amigo de tu hermano Damian me alegra mucho encontrar esta pagina cuentame de tu hermano desde

Sat. June 11th, 2011Arturo Blanco

Hola Carlos,
epero que estes bien, te queria mandar un email para ver si me puedes mandar los videos de timba que me decias que me podias mandar. Era unos videos de percusion en bateria. Hay me avisas cuando puedes. Gracias por tu energia en el Kosmos camp, aprendi mucho y era un placer y privelegio poder tocar con ustedes. Gracias.

Tue. June 7th, 2011El Chef....jimmy

Manda me tu Address de tu casa para mandarte los DVD de Kosmos Camp

Mon. June 6th, 2011Jorge zacarias

Hola Carlos, ante todo mis respeto , que honor sos para tu cuba querida que demustres lo que tan bie haces el bongo es una prolongacion de tu alma , lo sinto y eso que mis origenes son mas delSur de Buenos Aires,Argentina tierra del tango y el asadom, pero llevo en mi sangre los ritmos latinos... te encontre en un video en Youtube y termine aqui en tu web gusta la percucion y toco de oido el bongo, felicitaciones por tu tecnica y me gustaria saber si tenes alguna clinica en dvd para comprar o ver online, quiero mejorar mi humilde tecnica, Aqui tenes un amigo por estas tierras,cuando quieras te esperamos, desde Argentina un abrazo y saludos a tu familia , tienes unos hijos hermosos.
Jorge Zacarias,Buenos Aires, Argentina

Tue. May 3rd, 2011steve hendee

I set you up with an account at

user name:
password: carlosconga

see you soon I am sure.

Thu. April 21st, 2011Jeff Minnieweather

Carlos...It was great playing with w/Alexa last week. Hope things are good...I'd like to get together and work on some patterns. Let me know a good time we can get together.

Jeff : 530-204-3593

Sun. December 19th, 2010phoebe... la fibi

are you playing new years eve at cocomo? i won some tickets from luis medina on kpfa. let me know y felices fiestas!

Sat. December 18th, 2010Sha

do you have a DVD of lessons for beginners (conga y timbales)
thank you

Tue. October 19th, 2010Pablo Bechara

MAS INFORMACION MIA EN: Pablo Emilio Bechara Zamudio
Cordialmente,Pablo Bechara

Sat. October 9th, 2010dave bass

A gas playing Friday morning at the school. Hope to play again soon

Mon. September 13th, 2010dahymel medrano

hi mi nombre es Dahymel and soy el hijo de Andres Medrano el novio de Lillian Cortez tu le diste una tarjeta como se la das a todos claro, le estoy escribiendo este email porque si mas no recuerdo mi papa hablo con usted sobre mi y el me dijo que te escribiera o que te llamara pero el problema es al igual que usted tengo el don de escribir canciones de todos los generos y de cantar y de bailar pero me gustaria hablar con usted para que me ayude con ese don que tengo de todas maneras si no lee este mensaje porque me imagino que debe tener muchos yo lo boy a llamar mas adelante gracias

Thu. August 19th, 2010Mark Mander

I introduced myself to you after your set sunday afternoon at the SJ Jazz Festival.
I have some dynamite photos of your daughter with and without Marco Diaz at his keyboards. As I get farther along in editing the festival I would like to see she gets them, my gift to her.

Sun. August 15th, 2010alicia

Hi Carlos,
Alicia here (we met at Kosmos music camp - I've been studying congas with Louie for six years - taking his beginning percussion class). Nice seeing you yesterday at the SJ jazz festival!

Carlos, I was wondering if I could study congas with you. I know you are in modesto, but I would love to try to work something out.

Please let me know.

(510) 457-8730

Fri. June 18th, 2010Edwarda Alderete

We own a restaurant in Modesto, CA. In the past we have had Ramon Romero play for us. I noticed that you and he recently played together in Merced, CA, we would like to see if the two of you are interested in playing for an event on Saturday, July 24th. Its for one of our regular customer\'s 50th birthday party, they are a very prominent local family from Nicaragua who love yours and Ramon\'s music.

Our restaurant is Verona\'s, Cucina Italiana in Modesto at 209-549-8876. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Edwarda and Jaime Alderete

Mon. June 14th, 2010Majic's Drums

Las ultimas novedades en el campo de los instrumentos de percusión – presentado por Majic’s Drums

Distinguido Sr. Caro:

Le invitamos a nuestro sitio web

Descubrirá seis novedades en el campo de los instrumentos de percusión. Estos instrumentos, dan a los músicos posibilidades inesperadas y desconocidas hasta este momento, permitiéndoles mejorar y enriquecer su expresión musical.

Esperando haber despertado su interés por nuestros instrumentos, quedo a la espera de recibir sus preguntas.


Majid Karami
Majic’s Drums

Por favor, pase esta información a personas interesadas.

Tue. May 25th, 2010Mr. Brady

Hi Mr. Caro,
Any chance you are available to play for an hour on Friday--3:00-4:00? Thanks, Mr. Brady

Sat. May 15th, 2010Johnny Walker

Hey Carlos,

Johnny Walker here. I just met you at the Albuquerque airport. I just wanted to drop you a line while it's still on my mind. Here's my website:

It was a pleasure to meet you, and all the best in your travels, my friend.

Johnny Walker

Fri. May 7th, 2010MMadrigal

Hola Carlos,

Mi emails son,

La fiesta en Julio 10 va ser en
Prospect Ave, Port Costa, CA 94569

Mobil: 415-218-9314
casa: 650-361-8128


Sun. May 2nd, 2010Rolando

Lo prometido es deuda. Aqui te envio una linea desde tu website para establecer contacto pero te voy a mandar otro desde mi cuenta para asegurarme. Aqui abajo veo dos direcciones ( y Mando a las dos. Nuevamente agradecido por tu abierta amistad, genrosidad y tus palabras de aliento. Como te dije anoche, para mi es un privilegio.

Un abrazo.


Thu. April 29th, 2010Shelly Leigh

Your class in Sacramento today was AWESOME! I am so grateful for the opportunity to have experienced your teachings and hope to have the chance to attend again. I recently reached a plateau and the class offered the very basics to go back and solidify the techniques in order to move beyond to a new level. Many, many thanks. I was inspired by your brilliance and incredible talent. Warmest blessings, Shelly Leigh ( and (916) 243-9403.)

Tue. April 6th, 2010Michelle

Hi Carlos,
Jamyl introduced us at Albertos when you palyed there last month. How are you? I'm following up on our short conversation regarding conga lessons. I like to find out your rates and thoughts on how to do lessons since we live so far apart. Are you an awesome teacher (jejeje). We can discuss more soon.

Sun. April 4th, 2010Christopher hernandez-Hernandez

Hola como estas Carlos espero que bien, es Christopher soy el chamaco que conociste en la biblioteca

Sun. February 28th, 2010Joel Maki

My name is Joel Maki. I go to CSU Stanislaus. I am looking for the international power of Cuban music. You got my pants wet but I look for more. I have more questions. My email is If you dont remember me, I was the guy you said smiled a lot. I was wondering if I might be able to get a private lesson.

Thanks a lot,
Joel Maki

My cell phone number is (209)609-7083

Thu. February 11th, 2010Rodrigo Jimenez L

Hola carlitos!!! recientemente vi algunos de tus videos en Youtube. Fantastico!!! No sabia que un ser humano podia mover las manos y los dedos tan rapido y con semejante ritmo!! Estoy muy interesado en aprender mas acerca de la percusion, en especifico los bongos o timbales, como los conocemos en Costa Rica. Se que impartes lecciones, pero yo vivo en las afueras de la ciudad de Philadelphia, y como podras ver, hay algo asi como tres mil y pico de millas de distancia. Me gustariua saber si tienes dvd's con lecciones o si conoces de alguien realmente bueno que imparta cerca de aqui o en algun punto de Pennsilvania, te quedaria muy agradecido con la informacion. De nuevo, te felicito y envidio por ese talento tan apabullante, y manten en alto el nombre de Cuba con ese sabor y ritmo que algun dia , ojala, pueda yo por lo menos parecerme. Gracias y adios!!!

Thu. September 24th, 2009William Johnson

Hola me gusta tu percussion! William

Wed. September 9th, 2009mario flores

Carlos the address for the gig on Sept. 17 is:
110 South Market ST. San Jose, CA 95113
On the corner of Market & San Fernando. I'll be there at 5:00PM to set up the PA system. It's outside in front of the San Jose art museum.

Fri. August 21st, 2009Sam Bevan

Hey Carlos,

Site looks good. I'll bring my laptop to the next gig and I can show you some things. You can also email/call me if you want to know things sooner.

BTW, I love the reve! It's slammin'.