Cuban Percussionist and Composer Carlos Caro

Carlos Caro is endorsed by LP Company. (Latin Percussion)

He participated in the Grammy Winner Album of the Bay Area Band
“Pacific Mambo Orquestra" on the Best Tropical Album in 2014.

He did a 6 month Tour in 2015 with the Legendary Group “Los Tigres del Norte" and also recorded a live CD at the Azteca Stadium in Mexico City.

Carlos Caro is a composer and percussionist from Havana, Cuba with an experience as a percussionist for over 25 years. He began his professional musical career with the group Clave. Among the note-worthy musicians who played with him in Clave were "Puly" Hernandez, the current lead singer of Dan Den as well as the sons of the revered Cuban trombonist, Juan Pablo Torres.In 1991 he join the legendary Group “Opus 13" than later became as “Paulo y la Elite’.
In late 1993, he immigrated to Mexico. Taking up residence in Mexico City, he played with groups such as 40 Grados, La Ley, La Rumbantela and various other Cuban ensembles. During his stay in Mexico, he was introduced to other genres of music. He also performed a work in the Danzon style with the Mexico City Philharmonic.Now based in San Francisco, he has collaborated with numerous Bay Area musicians including:

Rebeca Mauleon
John Santos
Jesus Diaz y su QBA
Orquesta La Moderna Tradición
Louie Romero y Mazacote
Anthony Blea y su Charanga
Karl Perazzo’s Avance
Orquesta Bembe
Los Cenzontles
Dr Loco and his Rocking Jalapeño Band
Jorge Santana
Pellejo Seco
Felix Samuel
Fito Reinoso y Ritmo y Armonia
Afrocuban Jazz Cartel
Orquesta D’ Harma

He also performs with this International Artists:

Los Tigres del Norte
Havana D’ Primera
Pedrito's Martinez Group
Mayito Rivera
Nachito Herrera
Osmany Paredes
Simon Rowe Latin Jazz Project
Jose “Pepito Gomez"
Ariacne Trujillo
Ignacio Berroa
Amaury Gutierrez
Adonis Puentes
Danny Lozada
Orestes Vilato
Calixto Oviedo
Omar Sosa
Carlos del Puerto
Carlos del Puerto Jr
Ray Vega
Eddie Palmieri
Armando Perazza
Giovanni Hidalgo
Raul Rico
Tito Puente Jr
Pete Escovedo
Sheila E
Benny Belarde
Grupo Malo
Jackson Browne
David Hidalgo from Los Lobos
Taj Mahal
Lenny Williams of Tower of Power
El Chicano Fred Sanchez
Holly Stell
Prodigio Claudio
Jose Mangual Jr
Tresero Nelson Gonzalez
La India
Rey Ruiz
Pedro Brull
Luisito Carrion
Anthony Cruz
Nino Segarra
Ommy Cardona
Victoria Sanabria
Jose Alberto “ El Canario"
Antonio Cartagena
Tito Nieves
Jerry Rivera
Ismael Miranda
Don Perignon
Tito Rojas
Maelo Ruiz
Paquito Guzman
Hector Tricoche
Michael Stuart

Paraguayan Harpists Ramon Romero, Carlos Reyes and Mariano Gonzalez.

In 2002 he created his own group “Vission Latina" along with two great musicians.Pianist Marco Diaz and Bass player Saul Sierra.In 2004 they released an album entitled: “Kitikimba Pa’ti" with his own band Vission Latina debuting as a composer. The second album titled “Sonado Como un Cañon" was released June 2010.

“VL Trio" is a small concept from “Vission Latina" They released in 2012 the album “Tradicionando"

The second album of the VL Trio was released on 2014 under the production of Greg Landau.

He start working with the Mexican group “Los Cenzontles" in 2009 and since then participate in Festivals and international events like in Dominican Republic and as been part of most of their latest recordings.

Other Recordings:
2012 – David Bass “NYC Sessions"
Artists included:
Ignacio Berroa
Phill Woods
Conrad Herwing
Chris Washburne
Enrique Fernandez
Karry Allyson
Paulette MacWilliams
Harvie S

Latin Jazz Youth Ensemble
The last Mambo

Muy caliente! ( Afrocuban Play-Along CD and Book)

Hemingway and Gillhorn
The last Mambo ( Soundtrack)

He was also nominated by the website as the best bongosero from Cuba in the Timba style.Won 2 Latin Grammys with Los Tigres del Norte and Pacific Mambo Orquestra.